Paper Badges vs Plastic Badges

We’ve all been somewhere that has had you wear paper badges…you write your name and stick it on yourself so people can address you by name. But by the time you get on a roll, the adhesive wears off or it just doesn’t stick very well to type of material you’re wearing.

Paper Badges

So why do so many people use paper badges? Well, they’re easy to use, they’re instant, inexpensive, and there’s no printing involved.

There are some instances where paper badges are more fitting. For example, if the event or function is only a short amount of time, or if you yourself are only going to be at the event for a short period of time.

But what paper badges lack is representation. If you are at a networking event, paper badges do not help you build your brand. Displaying your logo might grab people’s attention and can make you more approachable. Also, if all the paper badges are the same style, there’s no way for you to stand out from the crowd.

Plastic Badges

So then the next question is – what are the advantages of a plastic badge? First, a plastic badge is customized and personalized to you, your company and most importantly your brand. Plastic badges add representation qualities that paper badges just cannot.

Plastic badges also add integrity. Once they see you took the time and energy to get a professionally made plastic badge, their perspective about you changes. It gives them a sense of trust about what you do, what you offer, and they’re more open-minded to ask for more information from you.

Unlike paper badges, plastic badges are worn differently. There’s no adhesive to worry about. Plastic badges can be worn with a lanyard, badge holder, or badge clip. Additionally, depending on your outfit, there is also a magnetic badge attachment that allows more flexibility on where on your clothing you can wear the plastic badge.

In Summary

So what type of badge is best – Paper or Plastic? In our opinion, the answer is which one will help you the best to get what you want out of the event. If it’s a short meeting type of event, and you’re there for a specific purpose, then a quick paper badge will suffice. However, if you’re always looking to build your brand, no matter what type of event it is, wearing a plastic badge that is personalized is best.

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